Announcement of competition of the XXXII AUDI ETO Balazs Cup


IMPORTANT NEWS HERE (current news about check-in, accomodation and meal)

The main patron of the event:
Zsolt Borkai, the major of the Municipality of the Citiy of Győr, and the chairman of the Hungarian Olympic Committee

Eszter Gede, director- general of the Engineering Professional Centre of Győr
Attila Nagy, director-general of the Service Professional Centre of Győr
Marianna Blazovicsné Varga, school district director of the School District KLIK of Győr

The date of the competition:
8-12. April 2017.

The competitor age groups:


Cat. LA

born after 1. Jan. 2001.

Cat. LB

born after 1. Jan 2003.

Cat. LC

born after 1. Jan 2005.

Cat. LD – 5+1 sponge

born after 1. Jan. 2007.


Cat. FA

born after 1. Jan. 2002.

Cat. FB

born after 1. Jan. 2004.

Cat. FC

born after 1. Jan. 2006.

Cat. FD – 5+1 sponge

born after 1. Jan. 2007.

Game right: 

  • a player can play in his/ her age group or in older teams
  • if a club entry more than one category, there is no possibility to play in other teams
  • the name list has to contain the names of the team, the valid sports medicine certifications, and must be given at the registration
  • In the match, only the players from the list, can play



Entry deadline:

  • 10. March 2017.
  • the confirmation of the entries will happen at least 18. March  2017.

  Entry fee:

  • for 1 team: 30.000 HUF
  • for 2 teams: 57.000 HUF
  • for 3 teams: 81.000 HUF
  • for more than 3 teams: 25.000 HUF

Those teams, who do not need accomodation, meals, have to pay the +20% of the original entry fee.

  • for 1 team: 36.000 HUF
  • for 2 teams: 68.000 HUF
  • for 3 teams: 97.000 HUF
  • for more than 3 teams: 30.000 HUF

The amount above can paid by transfer or postal order on the following contacts:

Győr Projekt Kft.

Not HUF:
IBAN: HU72 1176 3378 5555 6886 0000 0000

Conditions of the participant, important informtions: 


  • The teams have to pay 30.000 HUF as a caution money when they arrive, and they will get back when they leave, if they do not couse any damage at the accomodation or the competition field
  • The teams have to pay the cost of the travelling to the tournament and back, the fee of the accomodation and meals
  • The cost of the travelling between the places and the accomodation will be paid by the organisator
  • The 25% of the accomodation and meal fee have to be paid with the entry fee till the end of the deadline ( 20. Febr. 2016. )
  • The whole prize of the accomodation and meal, must be paid before the tournament, 19. March 2016.


Every player must have:

·  ID card, or studdent card, passport

·  valid sports medicine certification
Every team need:

  • name list
  • 2 differnt jerseis
  • 1 gameball

Before the match, if it is asked, the players have to be proved.

Rules, policy implementation, umpirage:

  • On the matches the rules of MKSZ and EHF are valied
  • Depending on the numbers of the entries, the teams will play at the least 5 matches
  • On the tournament we decide all the places
  • The matces will be directed by the referees of MKSZ

Accomodation, meals:
hostel + meals + travelling: 35.000 HUF/person
The fees above contins the meals 3 times a day.
Tourist tax:
The participant fee does not contain the Tourist tax ( IFA) , which is 400/ person / day, over the age of 18
The first and second places get medal, cup, cert, and unique T-shirt.
The third place get medal, cup and cert.
The other places get certs.